ZOA team work & task management is a powerful feature to manage your client projects and keep track of open tasks across your team and clients. On your partner dashboard, you find the task management module. The module has four tabs. 

My tasks lists all tasks that you are assigned within your partner account (e.g. within your law firms). You can understand this list as partner internal tasks.   

Team tasks shows the number of open tasks by team member. Please note that private tasks are not included here and that multiple team members can be assigned to the same task. 

My client tasks lists all clients and shows where you as a partner are assigned to a task. In the example below, partner users are assigned to five open tasks across four different clients. 

All client tasks gives you even more granularity regarding our client tasks as it shows which team member is assigned to a task for which client. For instance, the screenshot below shows that Hanna Maier is assigned to one task for the "Bergbahnen AG" client and that this task is already overdue.