Only the administrator of your ZOA account and staff users with the right permissions can access and edit user permissions. 

ZOA offers a fine-grained permission management system. The permission management can be accessed by the administrator and staff users with the right permissions through the "User management" page that can be found in the menu bar on the left-hand side. 

To access the permissions of an individual user, please click on the name of the user that you want to edit. This will bring you to a new page that lists all current user permissions as shown in the screenshot below. 

Detailed permission settings

Permissions can be set for four areas:

  1. Objects:
    Objects such as a specific legal entity or processing activity are the elements in ZOA. All users have the permission to view an object (read permission). In addition, you can set permissions to edit objects (write permission that also includes creating new objects), to export objects as Excel- or JSON-file, and to delete objects.  
  2. Audit trails:
    Audit trails show the change history of a specific object or across all objects in ZOA. Users with the permission to access audit trails can view the change history within a specific object or access the global audit trail through the menu bar.   
  3. Documents:
    You can upload documents for various objects (e.g. upload a data processing agreement for a software provider). You can view and download all uploaded documents for a specific object or across all objects if you have the right permissions.  
  4. User management:
    In the "user management" area, you can grant permissions for:
    • Access to the user management to access the user overview page and permissions of an individual user.
    • Inviting new users to the account of your organisation
    • Removing existing users from the account of your organisation
    • Editing user permissions of other users. As part of this permission, you can then define which permissions the user can give to other users.