Strengthened security: Two-Factor Authentication

The admin of your account can now activate a Two-Factor Authentication via SMS code in the company account. Once activated, all users are required to authenticate via an SMS code besides the username and password at the login.

Improved Audit Trail

Another new feature is that we added a new subpage that shows data changes across all areas such as processing activities, data collections, or other object types. Besides, you can easily filter by a category, date range, or user. The overall audit trail is accessible from the main menu. This should help you to keep track of changes within your account.

Improved Excel Export

Data analysis is an important aspect for many of you and excel remains the preferred tool to do so. In the past, our Excel export was good for reporting purposes but limited for data analysis needs. With the next update, you find an additional worksheet in the Excel file with all information across all entries in tabular format for easy filtering or application of pivot tables.

We are available to show you how to work best with this new Excel export through filters or Pivot tables.

New Bulk Data Export via API

The last feature in this update allows you to automatically download all your ZOA data via our API. You can use it for an automated backup process or integrate ZOA data into other tools.