Several users can work within ZOA at the same time. However, an object like a specific processing activity can only be edited by one user at a time to avoid conflicts (e.g. two users trying to edit the same data field at the same time). As a consequence, ZOA has a concurrency management that avoids any conflicts. 

When you on the "Details" page of an object, you see in the bar at the bottom of the screen how many users are on this object at the moment and you see what you can do with the object. 

There are two states: 

  • "You can edit": If you see this, you can edit the object. 
  • "You can view only": If you see this, another user has been working on the object and you can only view the information but cannot make any changes. 

ZOA will notify you if the other user has left the object through a window and a notification in the upper right corner.