There are two ways to change the name of an object in ZOA. This applies to all categories. 


Rename on overview pages

You can rename an object on the overview pages of the various categories in ZOA. The example below shows the overview page for processing activities. Above the name / title of an object you see a settings-icon in the shape of a gear wheel. When you click on it, you get two options: a) Duplicate and b) Rename. 

When you click on "Rename", a small window will appear where you can add the new name of the object. To save the new name, click "Save". 

Rename on object pages

You can also rename an object directly on the individual object page. When you mouse-over the title (e.g. Personnel administration) a little hint will appear that you can edit it. 

You can click on the name and edit it. In order to save the new name, you need to click on "Save".