ZOA consists of different building blocks that you can connect. Through the relations between the different building blocks, you generate a data landscape map and data flow map of your organisation. The most important building blocks are.

  • Legal entities: All your legal entities that are part of your data protection program. This might only be one legal entity or various entities as part of your group structure (e.g. subsidiaries).
  • Data collections: Inventory of all records of personal data in digital or paper format. 
  • Software & services: Inventory of all software tools and service providers that you use for processing, storing or analysing (personal) data.  

These three building blocks are also part of the "Company profile" section on your ZOA dashboard as you can see in the screenshot above. 

Linking building blocks for processing activities

When you create new processing activity and other objects in ZOA, you will be able to link the core building blocks to it. For example, you can link one of your legal entities to the processing activity or connect it with some data collections or software & services. Through the linkages and relations, you will establish the data landscape of your organisation and how different elements are related. This helps you to get a better understanding of personal data processing in your organisation.