At the beginning of your data protection compliance project using ZOA, you will find a short "Getting Started" guide and workflow on your ZOA Dashboard that walks you through the first steps. The "Getting Started" guide will disappear as soon as you have added information for the various categories (e.g. legal entities, data collections, legal entities and processing activities). The initial four steps include:


Add all legal entities that are part of your company structure and that you want to cover with your data protection program. You might have only one or multiple legal entities (e.g. holding structure). Just add the name of the legal entity and click "Add".

Step 2: Add your data collections

Add all data collections that you want to include in your data protection program. A data collection can be a large database (e.g. your CRM database) or also a filing cabinet with some printed employment contracts.

Step 3: Add your software & services 

Your organisation is likely using many different software tools (e.g. newsletter tool) or third party service providers (e.g. security service) to process personal data. It is important for compliance to have a good overview with whom share and how you process personal data. ZOA allows you to track all used tools throughout your organisation. 

Step 4: Add your processing activities

Finally, you should add all relevant processing activities that you have in your organisation. 


You can always add more objects (e.g. data collections) later. You will also have to provide more details about the individual objects. This first steps only creates the various objects in ZOA that you need to fill with more details. 

We recommend to talk to your IT department or procurement for an overview of all your data collections and software tools. They might already have a list that you can use.