The dashboard is your entry screen into ZOA. It brings together the most important aspects of data protection in your organisation. It consists of six blocks:

  • Company profile summaries information about your legal entities, gap assessments, data collections and software & services. These are the key building blocks of ZOA. 
  • Data processing consists of two categories; your registry of processing activities and information about conducted data protection impact assessments. 
  • Activity recording. Here you can document activities of your data protection officer or others who are active in your data protection management. And you can also document any data breaches or incidents. 
  • Open tasks list all objects within ZOA where there is some missing information.
  • Getting started is a wizard that guides you through the initial steps of using ZOA. The wizard will disappear as soon as you have added at least one object of the key building blocks and at least one processing activity.
  • Export data allows you to export all objects of one category (e.g. all processing activities) with one click, either as an Excel-file or JSON-file.    

Statistics on the dashboard

You find several statistics on the dashboard. 

The first number (i.e. four in the example screenshot above) refers to the number of objects in this category. In this example, we have added four software tools or service providers. The second number and the donut chart refers to the level of completeness across all objects of the category. In this example, we have only provided 39% of all required data fields. 

Similarly, the percentage number and donut chart in the "Open tasks" section of the dashboard shows you all objects that have not yet been completed and the level of completeness.