Tasks are a powerful and transparent feature to collaborate as a team. It helps you to keep track of open tasks for your data protection management and across team members.

There are three entry points for accessing task management. 


In the top section of your dashboard you find the "Team Work" module. 

The module consists of two tabs. In the first tab "My Tasks", you find all tasks that are assigned to you. In the second tab "Team Tasks", you see the number of open tasks across your team. You can scroll through the list or use the search field to find a specific task. 

There are two key statistics. 

  • Open tasks: Number of tasks that you are assigned to and that have the status "open". These are the tasks that you need to work on.
  • Overdue tasks: Number of tasks that you are assigned to and that are already overdue. 

You can also create a new task directly from the "Team Work" module. You can find details about creating a new task here (Link). 

Task management overview page

The place with the most details regarding tasks is the dedicated "Tasks" subpage within the application. You can access the page through the lefthand menu. 

The individual task objects show you a summary of key attributes such as title, status, list of assigned users, number of related comments and the privacy status. In addition, you can also see if a task includes sub-tasks and the level of completion of such sub-tasks. 

On the right hand side, you can search for a specific task by its title and you have various filter options (e.g. by status, privacy setting or assigned users). 

Task management overlay

The third way to access the task management is through the shortcut in the upper right corner next to your user profile name. A click on the shortcut will open the task management overlay. This way is especially useful as it allows to view and edit a specific object (e.g. specific processing activity) and editing a task or commenting on a task.