You can use the Excel-exports for further data analysis using the built-in functionality of Excel. In this article we show you how to use the filter-feature for data exploration. 


Export information from dashboard

You can export all objects of a category (e.g. all software & service tools) through the export functionality on the ZOA dashboard. 

Use the Data worksheet for analysis

The Data worksheet in the Excel-file should be used for further data analysis. The sheet contains all information elements that are also available within the ZOA platform. 

Set filters

In order to explore your data, we recommend to set some filters. You select the first row that contains the column headers and select "Data" in the menubar and then "Filter". 

Select information element of interest

Then you can click in the cell "Question" and select the information element of interest. In the example below, we are interested which tools are related to a data processor. Hence, we select "Is this application or service controlled by an outside data processor?" from the list. You can also select multiple questions if needed. This will filter the rows accordingly. 

Now we see which tools are controlled by a data process. 

Narrow results by answer

You can narrow the list by the answer (e.g. only show software tools & service providers that are not controlled by a data processor).