This feature is only available to the administrator of your organisation. 


The template management allows you to define which templates are available for your users to create new objects (e.g. a new processing activity). You can access the template management through the left-hand navigation menu; towards the bottom of the sidebar. 

Overview page

You see all available templates on the overview page arranged in the same categories (e.g. legal entities, processing activities,...) as on the main ZOA dashboard. Typically, you see the standard ZOA templates in the various language versions. If your account is linked to a partner account (e.g. law firm or consultancy), you might also see partner-specific templates. Similarly, custom templates for your organisation will also be shown in the list. 

Active and inactive templates

All templates with the status "active" will be available to your users when creating new objects. If you want to prevent that certain templates are used, you can set the template to "inactive". You might want to do this for not needed language versions or in the case that you have a custom template to remove the standard templates from the dropdown menu when creating a new object. 

Custom order of templates

You can also change the order of the templates shown in the dropdown menu when creating a new object. This might be useful in the case that you have two templates in use for a specific category (e.g. data protection impact assessment) and want to set a default template. You can do this by moving the template with the up-down-arrows to the first position within the category. You click on the arrows next to the template and drag and drop to the intended position.