Editing Status of Objects

Based on the input from our users, we have added a new feature that allows you to assign an editing status for each object (e.g. processing activity). There are two states: "open" if you are still working on the object and "completed" if you have completed the object.   

Why did we introduce this new feature: Several users told us that in many cases, they could not fill in all information for the required questions of a template. As a result, such objects stayed in the open task list.

While the statistics of the completion rate (i.e. share of answered mandatory questions to the overall number of mandatory questions) is useful as long as you work on an object, we understand that it is also important to complete objects, even if there is one missing piece of information.  

The new editing status gives you more flexibility in managing objects in ZOA. We tested this new feature with several users during the development phase and they all found it helpful. 

Only users with the permission to edit objects can also change the editing status of objects.

Finally, you can also filter by the editing status on the various overview pages (e.g. processing activities, legal entities) to quickly see the list of open or completed objects. 

Improved: Filters

The second update concerns the filter feature in ZOA. When you now open the filter window and select one of the filter criteria, you will see that you can select from values that are available in the various objects. This is especially useful in the case of filter criteria that are based on free-text fields. Previously, you needed to know the exact search term. Now, you can just select from a list of options.